About the Reaper List

ReaperList.com is an activity-based online community based on your list of notable, rewarding, or crazy things youíd like to do in your lifetime.

Discover other people with similar interests
Once you login and create your Reaper List, you will be able to link to other activities similar to the ones on your list. Then you can link to other people's Reaper Lists, read a description of the users, and send them messages.

But thereís more to it than just looking at lists. Reaper Lists can also include things that people have already done. You can include stories about completing items on your list, and you can include advice for others who hope to accomplish the same thing.

You donít have to share any information you donít want to. You can keep your Reaper List completely private and for your own use. If you share your Reaper List, then your chosen user name will be shared, but not your real name or email address. Read our privacy policy for details.

About the company
ReaperList.com was founded in December of 2007, and the site was launched soon after. The site was founded by Brian Bartel. Brian has completed Sail on a Tall Ship and Visit Tonga, but he has yet to Write a Novel or Learn to Kiteboard.

In the media
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