Questions for the Reaper

If your question isn't covered here, send an email and we'll be happy to help out.

If I complete all the items on my Reaper List...will I die? You can add, edit, or delete items from your list whenever you'd like to.

How do I link to other people and look up their activities?

Once you have entered at least one activity on your own list, you will be able to follow the category link to the right of your activity. For example, if you enter "Get Married" on your list, you'll be able to follow the "search Wedding and Marriage" link to the right. This link will take you to everyone's list entry in the "Wedding and Marriage" category. To the right of those list entries you will see a link to the username, for example, the link may say, "supermom's Reaperlist." If you click on the link to supermom's list, you'll be able to view her entire Reaper List and send her a message.

I entered my own custom activity, and I can't link from it to similar items. What's up with that?

When custom activities, descriptions, or stories are submitted, they have to be OK'd by My panel of trolls (Santa has elves, and the Grim Reaper has trolls). The goal is to keep The Reaper List rated PG-13 (or thereabouts) and to keep any illegal content off the site. Custom activities also have to be assigned to a category. The whole process typically takes a few minutes, but it may take a few hours depending on site traffic.

How do I mark an item complete on my Reaper List?

Once you have entered an activity, click on the "edit" link to the right of that activity. This will allow you to change the activity, add a description of the activity, or enter a completion story. If a completion story is entered, then will automatically mark that item as completed.

I have been entering activities to my list without a problem, and now I can't add any more. What happened?

The default size limit for Reaper Lists is 30 items. But if you'd like to keep going, then more power to you! send an email and I'll increase your limit.

How can I get photos up on my completion stories?

I'm glad you asked! That's a new feature on! Follow the link for Image Instructions